Cantores in Ecclesia
Patron: Jonathan Lemalu
Dunedin, New Zealand

a young choir coming of age

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What we do  Cantores in Ecclesia sings a wide variety of choral music in a large number of churches of many denominations including: catholic, presbyterian, Pius X and orthodox, usually by invitation.  Gregorian chant and polyphony are among the preferred music the choir sings.  Mass, latin mass, vespers, stations of the cross, evening prayer and evensong are regularly undertaken by the choristers.
  The choir travels to take the gift of music to other cities and communities.  These travels shows the ability and focus that its members bring to this apostolate. 

News Cantores has returned from a successful trip to Melbourne and is welcome to and willing to return again!
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After 11pm Solemn Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral. The gracious autographed gift from his Grace, the Archbishop is shown.    After 6pm Choral Evensong, St Paul's Cathedral featuring entirely music by New Zealand composers. 
A full report will be posted shortly.

A recent practice...
 The choir perfects a song


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