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a young choir that travels
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Enjoy Singing? Enjoy travelling? Are you an undiscovered singing star?
Cantores is looking for keen singers to join in its fun and extensive concert programme.
Admission is free and there is no audition. Preference is given to those who can read music and have had singing lessons, but ALL singers are welcome.  Rehearsal info

Do you like to travel? Cantores travels regularly around New Zealand and even to Australia. If you are here for a short time, come along and see this beautiful county and its people.

Do you like to meet people?  Healthy socialising is an important aspect of choir life. Make friends for life and meet some kiwis.

Are you a student? Cantores is an affiliated society with the Otago University Student Association (OUSA). We practice on campus, do gigs there and embrace the student culture. YES, we understand when it is exam and assignment time; taking time off is not a problem.
International exchange students welcome! Even if you are here for one semester. The majority of our alumni are from North America, Europe and Asia. View some testimonies here

Cantores is planning a variety of gigs and concerts this year including a concert with orchestra and dance. In addition, are number of singing scholarships are on offer to singers.
If you are interested, please contact us for more information on joining. Want to see what we do, view events or read about us

 Rehearsals Top
Cantores rehearses at the Clubs & Societies Building, 84 Albany St, North Dunedin,  Level 1, Practice Room.

We practice once a week on Thursday nights, 5:30 - 7:30pm and it is customary to go out for a drink afterwards.

Pictured Right: Clubs and Socs building as seen from the information services building (main library), Albany St entrance
 or they are held in this former priory on the corner of Smith and Tennyson streets, central Dunedin. Head through the double red doors as shown by the red arrow above.
Testimonies  | Exchange Students |
Our Choir Patron and Alumnus says:
The ongoing growth and development of Cantores is crucial to music and spiritual fellowship in Dunedin, throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Without Cantores, I would not be where I am as a musician, a person and a Christian.  

I recommend this choir totally and absolutely, on it’s international musical reputation and achievements in the past, present and future.

  May their musical traditions, teachings, friendships and Joy in the Singing long continue. 

Jonathan Lemalu, opera star, began his musical career when he joined Cantores aged 9 years old.
From international exchange students  Top
Being away from my home in Colorado where my life is consumed by music, I knew I would want to find a fun choir to join in the distant land of New Zealand, and to my surprise, it was easier than I thought. Cantores was the perfect choir to just show up and be welcomed by smiling faces of people who love to sing. Cantores is not only a lovely, singing choir but it is also a great circle of friends. We sang beautiful classical music such as Mozart and I got to learn music by great NZ composers; I was given the opportunity to do some solo work; we travelled to multiple cities around New Zealand; and we had many social gatherings like karaoke night, for example, where people's true passion for music really shines! :)
It is an amazing experience to share the love of music with energetic people from across the globe. The Cantores choir was the perfect home to do just that!
Thank you Cantores. I will miss everyone!  
Megan France, Alto, on exchange from Denver University, Colorado, USA, sung solo in Invercargill and Dunedin

I have to say, Cantores was a great experience for me. I got to meet awesome people while singing beautiful music, and I definitely think I grew as a singer over the course of the year.
Being a part of Cantores also helped me find a place in Dunedin, which is something most international students probably can't say or, at least, their places would have revolved around other international students, while mine revolved around locals.
Rebecca Franklin, Soprano, on exchange from Berkeley University, California, USA, toured to Melbourne, Australia
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Fun nights Karaoke night is a regular fixture
Beth, Sam, Adrianne and Andy Haram, Peter and Cat
Farewell Concert "After Match" Function

When the end comes, the singing is all done and the time comes to say farewell, singers are treated to a farewell concert and after- party.
These 5 from North America and Hong Kong are just a few of a long list of multi-nationals who have sung with Cantores.
About Us  Join us | Students | Rehearsals | Testimonies | Contact us
Cantores is a young choir that travels extensively around the south (and even to Australia) and has settled into a choral niche that makes it unique, vibrant and fun. We encourage participation in and enjoyment of choral music and to nurture high musical standards and build the capability, confidence and self-esteem of our members in music-making.

Our repertoire includes a wide variety of songs, ranging from spirituals, pop song arrangements to traditional Maori songs, from secular Schubert song cycles to religious masterpieces by Mozart, Handel and others. We sing for a variety of events on the Otago University campus or associations with the OUSA including: concerts and more concerts, OUSA Blues and Golds awards, collaborations with other groups and or societies, Student Balls, the Dunedin Fringe Festival, charity fundraisers, churches and rest homes.

In 2005, Cantores become an affiliated society of the Otago University Student Association (OUSA). Our membership always includes a significant number of international students. Many of these students are only here at Otago University for one semester, and Cantores provides a welcoming and purposeful community with which they can experience New Zealand. The choir strikes the perfect balance between focusing on musicality and friendly socialising.

An essential part of our existence is travel, and we always succeed in being admirable ambassadors for Otago University. In our trips throughout the South Island, we not only expose other New Zealand residents to beautiful choral music, but we also expose beautiful New Zealand to our own members, Kiwis and foreigners alike.

Cantores was privileged and honoured to have sung with opera star, Jonathan Lemalu, a former chorister of the Cantores choir and now the choir’s Patron and his fiancée Sandra Martinovic, in July 2006. For many in the choir, this event and many others will recall fond memories of times singing in Cantores. These memories are now spreading to all corners of the globe.

Cantores Choir is an important musical institution, working to improve the musicality of its members, to expand their horizons geographically and ideologically, and to encourage them to be responsible and confident young leaders

Cantores is an affiliated society of thee

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