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July 31 2006 Concert with Jonathan Lemalu and Sandra Martinovic

This fantastic event was a huge success. The concert was sold out well in advance resulting in many disappointed concert lovers being turned away. The highlight was undoubtedly the duets between Jonathan and Sandra. The augmented choir of 75 with orchestra rose to the occasion and the atmosphere was electric.  The musicians received a standing ovation lasting several minutes.  
  Jonathan spoke at the end of the concert and thanked all those involved: soloists Dominique Peyroux, Sarah Wilson, Taniamaree Joll. He paid special tribute to Dr Raymond White, you may read about the concert and tribute in the Southland Times here. Russell Cowley, administrator of Concert South who managed the concert was interviewed afterterwards here

Pictures (click for larger image)
All aboard as Cantores heads off to Invercargill   Lining up before the concert   a large choir of 75 voices
Jonathan and Cantores girls: Elizabeth Seigle, Julia Gousmett, Kiri Cochrane + Claire Roberts, Gemma Park and Robyn Schanche   The soloists: Taniamaree Joll, Dominique Peyroux, Jonathan Lemalu, Sandra Martinovic and Sarah Wilson   Just like old times: Dr Andy Stewart, Dominique Peyroux (tenor soloists), Jonathan Lemalu, Dr Raymond White (director of music), Sandra Martinovic, Greg Peyroux (conductor) and Peter Tozer
Post concert nibbles   Jonathan Lemalu: back row bass

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Other things Lemalu
Jonathan Lemalu announced as new patron (October 2004
Cantores alumnus and world class opera singer Mr Jonathan Lemalu returned to where it all began recently and attended a Cantores rehearsal.
 At the same time, it was announced that Mr Lemalu had accepted our invitation to be our new patron. 
  Jonathan said he wished to support the choir in any way he could and keep us in the public eye. He looked forward to singing with Cantores again and arranging concert venues for them in Europe.
  Cantores is both honoured and privileged to have our own Jonathan as patron. We wish him well as his career soars to new heights and we look forward to exciting times ahead.  Thank you Jonathan!
Jonathan Lemalu recently attended a rehearsal with his Cantores and was confirmed as choir patron. Read more in the local newspaper

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