Cantores Choir
Patron: Jonathan Lemalu
Dunedin, New Zealand

a young choir that travels
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  Cantores Choir in First Church Invercargill, after their concert with Concert South. May 8, 2005

Front Row: Haram Kwon, Beth Beckel, Greg Peyroux, Kirsten Bevin, Amber Carter, Adriann Smith
Second Row: Catherine Buck, Keela Dates, William Yeyung, Kendra Boymer, Simone Peyroux, Gemma Park, Kiri Cochrane, Kelly Havig, Simon Tsao
Third row: Dr Raymond White, Russell Cowley, Rupert Stewart, Dr Andy Stewart, Dominique Peyroux, Damian Peyroux, Florian Weller, Kendall Henderson, Phil Cahill, Peter tozer, Peter Catterall, Sam Capasso, Dan Connor


Contact us:  [email protected]  
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